Re: Comment to Don

Jan de Koning (
Tue, 03 Jun 1997 13:04:55 -0400

Burgy wrote:
>As I said before, thinking that ev and God are mutually exclusive is hardly
>a serious error, UNLESS the person holding it decides to go "into science."
>In which instance, I hold that most rational persons, who must have a
>reasonably high intelligence level to even consider going into science in
>the first place, will figure things out in time.

>I hold, also, that the # of persons actually rejecting "the faith" over
>this issue is very small. And the "faith" they reject may well be a false
>one anyway, a sort of "believe in Jesus cause he's magic."
>Note that I am NOT holding that we all ought to forget about all this stuff
>and quit opposing the philosophical naturalists in our society. But the
>evidence that they have any serious effect is pretty sparse.
christian families reject the bible after studying biology, or any other
natural science. As an elder in our church I can mention names (I should
not of course.) Also, as an elder I know how troubles in the church are
caused by people who insist upon Creation or Evolution: you can't have
both. Partly because they do not recognize how God's hand is still busy,
but mainly due to an unchristian attitude of people who do not know
science, and want thaat their children under all circumstances reject

Do not underesstimate Statan's powere, even among true christians.

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.