Re: Comment to Don

John W. Burgeson (
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 23:33:04 -0400

Glenn wrote, in part: "Being one who was taught YEC just after I became a
Christian, and then went
further in science I can fully attest to the problems such a thing presents

some one. But here I will show a little bit of my theology. I do not
with your last point which said, "if he "loses his faith over the issue,"
must have had less than a real encounter with God in the first place!"
are those who hold that one can have a true encounter with God, but then
tell God, that they want nothing further to do with Him. This becomes the
unforgivable sin. Under such a view, a real Christian can reject the faith
after having a real encounter. But there is a cost, they can never be
renewed again."

I understand you theology on this point. I don't hold it myself, but I
understand it. It is one more of those more-or-less
interesting/inconsequential points about which committed Christians (such
as you an I) can disagree without losing fellowship or the unity we share
in Christ.