Re: Comment to Don

Murphy (
Mon, 02 Jun 1997 21:06:20 -0400

John W. Burgeson wrote:

> OK, I'll play devil's advocate. Why should I "care" about these people
> having a somewhat skewed view of origins? Does it make them less Christian?
> (Of course not). Does it interfere with their relationship with God? I
> doubt it. It is, after all, theologically speaking, a fairly unimportant
> part of our "God-knowledge."
1 possible reason: They often teach their children, their
students, &/or their parishoners that they have to choose between
"evolution or creation" - & some of their children &c, finding that
science supports evolution & not YEC, take them at their word and stop
believing in creation, & also in God. The warning of Mt.18:6 is

George L. Murphy