Re: physics of a mesopotamian flood

Bill Hamilton (
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 10:08:56 -0400

At 3:50 AM +0000 5/31/97, Robert L. Miller wrote(in response to Glenn):

>It seems to me that the problem is not whether God tells the truth but
>whether you accept the truth that He tells. You appear to have set yourself
>up as God's judge.

This seems a little harsh to me. It seems to me that Glenn's desire is to
show that the truth that God tells in Scripture can be related to our
observations of nature and the conclusions we derive from them. I don't
disagree with that.
I do think Glenn may be overconfident about how well we can relate
scientific knowledge to Scriptural truth. Sometimes he seems to me to
implicitly assume we can solve every puzzle we're presented with. I'm not
so sure. Deut 29:29 does warn us that there are some secrets God reserves
to Himself. It seems to me that it's worthwhile to continue to strive to
relate thw two, and I believe God will grant us success in many of our
efforts. But when our efforts fail, as some of them will, I'd hate to see
people abandon the faith because of it. Suppose someone had decided to
abandon Christianity because the Bible seems to imply that the earth is
flat and the firmament is a hard, blue dome that separates waters above
itself from waters below, and modern science contradicts that view. That
would be tragic.

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