Re: Don's comment

Robert L. Miller (
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 05:44:10 GMT

Don Degraaf wrote in part:

>But it is the millions (?) of Christians-in-the-pew who are in the third
>group - those who look for easy answers so they can win an argument and
>justify their casually-reached point of view - who IMO are likely to be
>misled by articulate and persuasive speakers and writers.
I don't think those millions of Christians-in-the-pew are concerned about
answers at all. What they are concerned about is that they send their sons
and daughters off to college to get an education, and when they get them
back they are no longer believers. The Genesis Flood in the early sixties
resonated with their anguish over the family destroying professors in the
universities and if science credentialed Henry Morris could show them a way
to fight the system and get their sons and daughters back they were with
him. They do not understand the argument, they only understand who the enemy is.

Bob Miller