Re: Don's comment

Donald E Degraaf (
Sun, 1 Jun 1997 18:25:34 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 1 Jun 1997, John W. Burgeson wrote:

Don DeGraaf wrote:

> >>I see three quite different agendas of those who are engaged in or
> watching the creation-evolution (C-E) debates:
> >>
> Good classification, Don.
> I guess only the first of these are really worth counting. Would you agree?
> Burgy
Hello, Burgy et al:

No, I don't agree.
The first group - scholars who want to understand how to integrate
biblical theology with science - is very likely where most of us who
interact on this listserv would place ourselves.

But it is the millions (?) of Christians-in-the-pew who are in the third
group - those who look for easy answers so they can win an argument and
justify their casually-reached point of view - who IMO are likely to be
misled by articulate and persuasive speakers and writers. These
fellow-believers, many of whom were in the church pews with us this morning
all over the world , need help to reach a more thoughtful integration of
their understanding of the Bible and the results of science.

A major challenge to us who are writers and speakers is to find ways to
give a thoughtful, honest presentation to an audience which eschews
careful thought. Is God calling some of us in ASA and elsewhere to
respond to this need?