Reply to Rick Becker

John W. Burgeson (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 19:24:41 -0400

Rick wrote: "I guess I must have missed the first go-round. I would feel
priviledged if you would accept an offer of a link to our site. We average
over 100 discrete hosts a week on our Web page, from all over, and I have
been trying to think of a way to further what I see to be clear links
between science and theology. "

Rick -- the "first go-round" was a post from me which noted that the ASA
link ought to be offered as part of many other web sites. A link to the ASA
is part of our own church's web site, for instance (First Presbyterian in
Austin). And now, apparently, RTB may offer it as well.

"Hot links" such as what I am proposing are a very neat (& effective) form
of helping people find their way around the internet -- and introducing
them, in many cases, to new sources they might previously have overlooked.

BTW, Terry, a link to RTB might reasonably be carried as part of the ASA
web page. There are others which should be offered, as well. How about
links to the web pages of anyone who is an ASA member and wants that
recognition? (No, I don't have a web page myself).