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I want to thank all those who sent me comments and helpful grammatical
advice. I had decided to wait another day before sending the letter so I
was able to incorporate all the changes.

Several people have asked me about references to the James Jordan and Gary
North articles I talked about so I thought I would pass along that
information. Although I disagree with Jordan and North on a good bit it is
at least interesting to see how some very orthodox? scholars who support a
6-day creation deal with geocentricism.

The Jordan article "The Geocentricity Question" is from Contra Mundum No. 7
spring 1993 and can be found at:

Two articles by North can be found at: (frames) some may have to
start at the root page (leave off sidefirm3.htm)
Look under Position Papers for:
Geocentricity-Geostationism: the flat earth temptation
Geocentrism: An astrophysicist's comments

Everything at this site (several hundred books and articles) can only be
viewed with the Acrobat reader.

For those interested look also under books for "Is the world running down"
by North and read the prologue/intro of the book for an interesting, or
should I say somewhat different perspective, on the whole 2cd law of
thermodynamics question

Both North and Jordan are strident 6-day creationists although will have
little to do with any scientific creationsist arguments. North's book "is
the world running down" is one of the most criticl books of scientific
creationists by a YEC (uh oh using oversimplifications again) I've seen.


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