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Tue, 22 Apr 1997 15:20:15 GMT

>I posted a question on the South African Philip Stott on the ASA list
>last week, and received several responses. Let me open it up to those of
>you not on the other line.
> A local church and Christian school are having Philip Stott speak on
>"the place of the earth in the universe" and "problems in astronomy."
>After some phone calls I learned that he is a geocentrist and maintains
>that the heliocentric model is so thoroughly based in Greek ideas that no
>Christian should accept it. The medieval scholastics had it right the
>first time - the earth IS the center (of the whole universe) and it
>doesn't move.
>Can anyone add anything about Mr. Stott, and modern geocentrists. Feel
>free to pass on this question.

I just got back from Chicago where I heard, Stott debate a "progressive
creationists" about the age of the earth. I am going to work on writing up
some of my impressions and will post them in a couple of days. I bought
his book "vital questions" which I am sure you will be given a chance to
plunk down 12 bucks for and got his first chapter of a book supposedly
being put together for a high school text book for Christian/home
schoolers. The first chater is about geocentricity and includes his
explanations of the equatorial bulge, pendulums, geostationary satalites
etc... At dinner Sunday afternoon he was pummeled with questions about
geocentricity (by 6-day creationsists), while I quietly lurked in the
corner, and by the end he had many people there nodding their heads in
agreement. I asked him several things at dinner and got the impression he
knew very little about evolutionary theory - certainly nothing about
genetics. He seems to have gotten all of his material from other
creationists as nearly all of his FEW references in his book were to
ICR-type creationists.

If he gives a slide show on "the wisdom or God and the wisdom of man" bring
a couple of aspirin - you will need them. He used every classic argument
for 6-day creationism I've ever heard mixed with pictures of aborted
fetuses, communists, homosexuals, etcc.. that are all the direct result of
evolutionary thought which in tern (as you find out reading his books) is
the result of the first domino to fall - geocentricity(statism) giving way
to heliocentricity.

BTW - I thought Stott was the overwhelming victor in the debate (not that I
agreed). He has obviously done a lot of public speaking and new exactly
how to attack his apponent and the words to use.

Joel Duff

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