Fri, 18 Apr 1997 13:22:13 -0400

I read with interest the comments on Christian influence in
the "secular" world. The only CiS (uk equivalent of ASA)
conference I went to before coming to US was on genetic
engineering. One of the speakers was on a government
advisory panel (Warnock report???) on genetic engineering.
Of 25 members, 3 were professing christians of an
evangelical flavor. There are members of the British
parliament from each of the major parties who are
professing christians; I believe that they take the
opportunity to meet and pray together (or so the
Evengellical Alliance reported). At medical school Duncan
Vere was professor of clinical pharmacology and was widely
respected for his work on medical ethics; he had a
significant impact in the medical scene, i believe. I
thought C. Everett Koop was surgeon general - and he made a
video/book with Francis Schaeffer addressing the matters of
abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia; did not have any
influence? C.S. Lewis, of course, made broadcasts on
ethics/religion etc in UK, and I would say he had some
influence. Of course, we could always do better (!); but on
the other hand, I wonder if we don't have more influence on
the folks around us than we give ourselves (and God) credit
for - I am always surprised when people apologise to me for
swearing, for example, as I am truly the world's worst

Just some thoughts

Jonathan Arm