Paul Arveson (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 11:41:45 -0500

Joe Carson wrote:

> Even though Christian professionals, like their secular
> counterparts, spend the most productive hours of their lives
> preparing for or pursuing their careers in their chosen
> profession, their organized impact as "salt, light, and
> leavening" agents in their professions, as the Gospel
> commands, is nil. There is no significant "Christian
> distinctive" or collective "Christian influence" in the
> Engineering Profession in America, and I haven't found
> significant evidence of it in other secular professions. If
> someone reading this disagrees, please point it out to me.
> Been there, done that too.


As I'm sure you know, "Christian', or even 'evangelical Christian"
covers a lot of ground when it comes to political, economic,
cultural, social, philsophical and ethical issues. ASA spends
much of its time wrestling with these issues, and ASA is a
rather theologically narrow group. Apparently there is a higher
correlation of views with geographic region (and lots of other variables)
than with creed.

BTW, I just spent a week's vacation in your area (Knoxville), which has
beautiful homes and lots of flowers. We followed the 'pink line'
through the suburban landscapes. Even in the tourist trap of Gatlinsburg,
there were at least 3 Christian bookstores. The people are a lot more
friendly than around here.

But I don't know if there is much of an 'evangelical mind' either here
or there.

TIME magazine just came out with its latest list of the 25 most
influential Americans. Note who is not included: there is no
Christian leader, and no engineer or scientist on the list either.

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