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Thu, 17 Apr 1997 16:49:07 +0100 (BST)

The Editor of this new journal, Dr Clare Palmer, tells me that there have
been no contributions yet from Christians. Do consider submitting a paper to
the journal. The details are below.

The publisher of the journal, which also publishes Environmental Values, has
a web pages for further details: see http://
There is also a website for Worldviews as part of the University of North
Texas Environmental Ethics site at

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>Worldviews: Environment, Culture, Religion
>Instructions for Authors
>environmental understandings, perceptions and practices of a wide range of
>different cultures and religious traditions. WORLDVIEWS: ENVIRONMENT,
>CULTURE, RELIGION adopts an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on
>contributions from a range of discipline areas including anthropology,
>environmental studies, geography, philosophy, religious studies, sociology
>and theology. Articles are considered which explore the interaction of
>humans and the natural environment from perspectives that may be either
>within or outside particular religious and cultural traditions.
>Prospective contributions are considered on the understanding that they are
>not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. They should
>be in English and four copies should be provided, typed and double spaced,
>and not more than 6000 words in length. Typescripts will not be returned,
>so the author should retain an additional copy for reference. Authors whose
>work is accepted for publication will be asked to supply an electronic
>version of the article on a 3.5in. disc in IBM or Macintosh format. To
>allow blind refereeing, authors are asked to identify themselves only on
>the title page, which should show their names, full postal addresses, and
>any acknowledgements in the form preferred for publication. A full postal
>address for editorial correspondence must also be given. A summary of
>100-200 words should be provided for the use of abstracting services.
>Footnotes, which will be printed at the end of the article, should be
>numbered consecutively through the text, and presented on a separate sheet
>of paper, typed with double spacing. Bibliographic citations in the text
>or notes should include the author's last name and the title or year of
>publication, and may include a page reference: (Reichel-Dolmatoff 1976:
>308-9), (Bratton, Christianity, Wilderness and Wildlife, p.203). A separate
>list of references should be provided, in alphabetical order, using the
>following style:
>Bratton, Susan Power 1993. Christianity, Wilderness and Wildlife: The
>Original Desert Solitaire. Scranton: University of Scranton Press.
>Reichel-Dolmatoff, G. 1976. 'Cosmology as ecological analysis: a view from
>the rain forest'. Man 12 (2): 307-18.
>Wei-ming, Tu 1989 'The continuity of being: Chinese visions of nature', in
>J. Baird Callicott and Roger T. Ames (eds) Nature in Asian Traditions of
>Thought: Essays in Environmental Philosophy. Albany. State University of
>New York Press, pp. 67-78.
>Please do not abbreviate journal titles.
>The editors reserve the right to make alterations which do not involve any
>change of meaning. Contributors are expected to assign copyright to the
>publisher; though they remain free to use material in subsequent
>publications written or edited by themselves provided WORLDVIEWS:
>ENVIRONMENT, CULTURE, RELIGION is acknowledged as the original place of
>publication. Twenty free offprints of published articles will be supplied,
>and more can be purchased if required.
>Contributions should be sent to the Editor, Dr. C.A. Palmer, University of
>Greenwich, School of Environmental Sciences, Creek Road, Deptford, London
>SE8 3BW.
>WORLDVIEWS - subscription rates
>Order from: The White Horse Press (Subscriptions), 1 Strond, Isle of
>Harris, HS5 3UD, UK. Fax 0(+44)1859 520204. Cheques in pounds
>sterling or US dollars, or we can charge your VISA or Mastercard account if
>you supply full details.
>1 year (volume 1, 1997, 3 issues) ISSN: 1363-5247
>Institutions Lstg60/$US90; Individuals Lstg30/$US45
>2 year (volumes 1 & 2, 1997-8, 6 issues)
>Institutions Lstg100/$US150; Individuals Lstg50/$US75
>A.Johnson, White Horse Press.
>10 High Street, Knapwell, Cambridge CB3 8NR, UK. tel/fax 01954 267527
>1 Strond, Isle of Harris HS5 3UD, UK. tel/fax 01859 520204
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