Re: Who is Philip Stott

Bill Frix (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 12:55:02 GMT-5

Is the definition of heliocentricity given in Joel's email (Wed, 16
Apr 1997) correct?

> Is the Earth at the center of the Universe? Geocentricity is the
> big name for this position. Heliocentricity holds that the sun is
> at the universe. In reality, neither of these are held to by
> modern scientists. The more science opposes Scripture, the further
> from the truth it gets.

If so, the statement is correct: neither is true. Neither is the
earth nor is the sun the center of the physical universe. An
argument can be made that reality consists of 3 parts: physical,
social/emotional and spiritual. In one sense, the earth is the
center of the social/emotional universe, since all social activities
occur on the earth (I do not want to debate the issue of whether life
exists on other planets). God's throne is the center of the
spiritual universe. Thus, in the human experience, the earth is the
center of one aspect of the universe but neither heliocentricity nor
geocentricity is technically correct.

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