Who is Philip Stott

McCarrick, Allan (MCCARRIC@mailgate.navsses.navy.mil)
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 10:19 EST

Does anyone have more information on Philip Stott and his ilk ? He
is coming all the way from South Africa to speak at Baptist Bible Church
in Elkton Maryland on April 25, 26 and at Wilmington Christian School on
the 25th.

His topic is "Problems in Astronomy" and "the earth's position in
the universe." He seems to be unconnected to any other creationist
organization. A phone call to the church revealed that he believes the
Heliocentric solar system model in founded on pagan greek assumptions and
unBiblical. He proposes a modified geocentric model. A call to the
school revealed that they don't seem to know what is thesus is, but only
a "friend of the school recommended him".

When a person pronounces THE Christian position on a subject, he
must be examined with great care before the congregation or student body
is lectured. (Remember Ramm's apology for his book's title).

Alan McCarrick