Ancient man the hunter

Glenn Morton (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 20:53:18 -0500

I am still taking a break from the internet but thought this might be of
some interest. This week's Science News carries a report about the hunting
activities of anatomically modern humans at Klasies River mouth. (B.Bower,
"Early humans Make their Marks as Hunters," Science News, April 12, 1997, p.
222) These people lived around 110-120,000 years ago.

An analysis of the bones of their prey show clear evidence of hunting and
butchery. The reason this is important is that during the past two decades
the trend in anthropology was to downplay the humanlike behavior of anyone
who did not live less than 35,000 years ago. Previous views had viewed Homo
erectus, Neanderthal and the earliest of anatomically modern humans as being
mere scavengers. But according to Alison Brooks, an anthropologist at George
Washington University, said,

'Milo has exploded the argument that Middle Stone Age people were not
competent hunters and did not produce projectile points.'

A projectile point was embedded in one of the bones.

Of the hunting behaviors of these men, Richard G. Milo writes,

"'Their behavior appears to have been as near-modern as their anatomy.'"

When one adds this to the recent discovery of the hunting javelins made by
Homo erectus at Schoningen, Germany, it clearly shows that human behavior
extends much further back in time than previously thought. This data
supports the view of fossil man that I have been advocating over the past
few years. To do as most Christians do and excluded beings that behaved
like us from the spiritual realm and try to make them non-spiritual animals
is getting harder and harder to maintain. To make these beings non-spiritual
requires that animals have the ability to master fire, make javelins
balanced exactly as olympic javelins, make wooden planks, dig post holes,
lay pavement, build huts and engage in various forms of art. All forms of
Homo, erectus, Neanderthal and sapiens performed every one of these
activities, yet old earth Christians do not want to call them human. Such a
view seems to avoid the evidence of anthropology as much as young earth
creationists avoid geological data.


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