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Here's a new article for discussion and distribution. It's called "A
Whale of a Tale: Fundamentalist Fish Stories" by Edward B. Davis (Ted),
Associate Professor of Science and History, Messiah College, Grantham,
PA 17027 from Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, 43:224-237
(1991). Post discussion on


"According to a persistent story, exactly one hundred years ago a
sailor named James

Bartley was swallowed by a sperm whale off the Falkland Islands. About

hours later his fellow sailors found him, unconscious but alive, inside
the belly of

the animal. What follows is the result of my attempt to uncover the
real story, as

well as the story of the story--how this whale of a tale found its way
into the

fundamentalist apologetic tradition, as well as a sizeable number of

biblical commentaries."

Terry G.


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