RE: Metaphysical assumptions of science(was Greetings!)

David Campbell (
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 13:14:12 -0500

Jim Behnke wrote (answering Adrian's question):
>As a biochemist, it seems to me that I make at least one very important
>assumption in my science: observation is related to reality. <snip>

Also, science assumes replicability-that the laws governing the behavior of
the world are constant. These two assumptions seem obvious, since they
correspond to everyday experience. Although we can't directly test the
relationship between observation and reality, interactions with the outside
based on our observations often have the desired effects. (E.g., when I
see a key on the keyboard labeled "3" and feel my finger push it, it also
appears on the screen. More meaningful combinations of letters typed in
generate appropriate responses from other people. This succesful
interaction with what I perceive supports the premise that there really is
a computer sitting here in front of me.) Nevertheless, these are
assumptions and should be examined to determine if they can be justified.

David Campbell