Re: Competing for the Evangelical Mind

Michael K. Thompson (
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 10:40:56 -0800

I thought I would just throw in my two cents to this discussion.

As regards interest in the topic of science and faith issues...Both with
students and congregation I find that when I speak there are three
issues that no one falls asleep on me (I do not admit to being a great

1 Sex and Relationships
2 Money
3 Science and Faith

On occasion someone in a conservative church has told me that science
issues are inappropriate for the pulpit but that is in contrast to the
other 20+ people who affirm these issues as important. Also on average
I engage 2 students per month who are feeling anxiety over the
creation/evolution issue. They are invariably relieved when options
other than Young Earth Creationism are given. Many have told me that
they were ready to abandon faith because the literalistic framework just
does not work. I empathize with this because I was in the same
situation only a few years ago.

Finally in response to Bill Frix's accusation about us using a warfare
mentality against other Christians, I affirm you. I have been reminded
by many colleages that I have will always have Christ in common with my
YEC brothers. On the other hand it is much easier not to respond this
way when the other "side" agrees that this is wrong. I have again and
again seen more damage done by YECers particularly at the leadership
level than I have ever seen by other Christians. The ASA has tried to
do dialogue "in house" before talking to the public consistently. It is
ICR that has historically dragged this issue out inappropriately before
the public for non-scientists to cast judgment before the scientist have
finished talking. As a result other organizations have followed suit.