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Adrian Teo (
Thu, 03 Apr 1997 22:01:26 -0800

Donald E Degraaf wrote:
> Dear Adrian:
> Welcome to the ASA listserv. And best wishes for completion of your
> degree soon!

> A recent book has been helpful to me in understanding presuppositions of
> science, and - more broadly- the philosophy of science from a Christian
> point of view. The book is : "The Battle of Beginnings: Why Neither
> Side is Winning the Creation-Evolution Debate.", by Del Ratzsch.
> You will find a review of this book in PSCF _48_, No. 3, Sep. 1996, pp.
> 188-191.

Thanks Donald! I have heard of that book.

I have a question to throw out to everyone:

A number of physical scientists whom I have corresponded with have
argued that science makes no metaphysical assumptions about reality at
all, but is instead, satisfied with acknowledging that there is
something out there (some consistency of external experience) and they
move on from there. In others words, many don't even consider the issue
of reality an interesting or worthwhile question. A few don't even want
to talk about it, period. And a few others claim that science makes no
such assumptions. What are your views on this?

Adrian Teo
Institute of Child Development
University of Minnesota