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Murphy (
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 16:28:17 -0500

Gladwin Joseph wrote:
> George Murphy wrote:
> "God cooperates/concurs with all natural
> processes"
> In what sense does God cooperate? Is it primarily a Chiasmic
> cooperation?

It is chiasmic - i.e., related to the theology of the cross -
because natural processes _conceal_ God from our direct observation at
the same time that they are _instruments_ through which God works. The
God who works in this way is the God who is hidden yet salvifically
active (and, paradoxically, revealed) in the cross.

> Ultimately isn't the workings and the why of this
> "cooperation" a mystery/paradox?

That God _is_ working is a matter of faith, not something which
can be shown by scientific observation. (& that takes us back to my
criticism of "scientific creationism" which initiated this thread.)

> Another question i had...
> Does the doctrine of Incarnation
> have any influence on this cooperating/concurring?

I think so. The 6th Ecumenical Council stated that in Christ
there are 2 (not just 1) operations (Gk. _energeia_), divine and human,
which co-operate in everything which God incarnate does. (& there you
see the quite literal sense of "co-operate".) Thus there is a quite
close parallel with the co-operation of God & natural processes in
divine providence. This is discussed in more detail in a paper of mine
in _Zygon_, "Energy and the Generation of the World", September 1994.
George Murphy