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Allan Harvey (
Tue, 01 Apr 1997 14:55:34 -0700

At 09:50 PM 4/1/97 +0100, Geoff Bagley wrote:
>In my posting of Thurs 27th March about other faith responses to evolution
>I concluded my comments on the book:'Forbidden Archaeology' by saying that
>the dust cover had a quote from a proponent of a YEC position even though
>the book was advocating an age for humans of tens of millions of years.
>I must apologise as a further research has shown that the quote is not
> from someone who takes up a YEC position. However, the person concerned
> (if I understand correctly) does take a non-Darwinian view of life.
> However the point I was trying to make is still I believe valid i.e. in
> order to raise interest in a book developing Eastern religious ideas the
> publishers have included a quote from a Christian who is a critic of
> western orthodox science.

For those who want to see more about the book "Forbidden Archaeology," it
has a Website at:

It is a little disconcerting to see in the Reviews/Comments section, in
the midst of others coming from a New Age perspective, an affirming quote
on this book (which, for those who missed the previous post, was written
from a Krishna Consciousness perspective) by a prominent Christian
anti-Darwinist. But, to be fair, there are also blurbs written by people
who, while I haven't heard of them, appear to have legitimate and
relevant scientific credentials. The fact that the authors are Hare
Krishnas does not necessarily make their science wrong, but their
philosophy of science (which appears to be a significant aspect of the
book) is unlikely to be one Christians should endorse.

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