Re:Other Faiths (3)

Geoff Bagley (
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 21:50:07 +0100 (BST)

In my posting of Thurs 27th March about other faith responses to evolution
I concluded my comments on the book:'Forbidden Archaeology' by saying that
the dust cover had a quote from a proponent of a YEC position even though
the book was advocating an age for humans of tens of millions of years.

I must apologise as a further research has shown that the quote is not
from someone who takes up a YEC position. However, the person concerned
(if I understand correctly) does take a non-Darwinian view of life.

However the point I was trying to make is still I believe valid i.e. in
order to raise interest in a book developing Eastern religious ideas the
publishers have included a quote from a Christian who is a critic of
western orthodox science.

Once again, many apologies for being somewhat misleading.

Geoff Bagley

(PS The hardware and software for email that I use, is one that has been
set up by more son and as yet I've not learnt how to snip pieces of
mailings I'm responding to.)