Re: barah, br'

Jan de Koning (
Tue, 01 Apr 1997 13:38:34 -0500

I am sorry, if I offended someone. I only wanted to warn against saying:
"Only God can "br' " ," since the word in Hebrew has different meanings,
just like create is used in different meanings. More importantly the
Hebrew Lexicon of Gesenius' translates it by create as its second meaning.
I don't remember who said first: "only God can br' ", but I wanted to say,
thaat if we, non-Hebraists, use a word like that, we better be able to back
it up by quotes from a Hebraist.

As far as finding new words, the intent of Gesenius was apparently to say,
that really different words where not found in Germanic languages either,
except in English where they used a word ("create") derived from one of the
many Latinic words inherited via French. In Dutch they solved the problem
by having "scheppen" for what is "create" in English (German "schaffen"),
while for planing, making smooth, the word became "schaven" (German:
"schaben".) That makes me think of the Germanic word in English "to
shave", which in Dutch is "scheren" (German has two words "rasieren" for a
beard, and "scheren" for animals.) Note: to make sure I said the right
things here, I checked dictionaries.

Again, my intention is and was only to warn: Please, check before you
write and when you do on someone else's authority, give the name of that

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.