Re: Competing for the Evangelical Mind

Murphy (
Tue, 01 Apr 1997 08:06:09 -0500

Robert L. Miller wrote:

> Presently the only voice on the topic of science and
> faith, being heard by the evangelical church, is that of ICR and fellow
> travelers. I think what the church is hearing from ICR and fellow travelers
> is just plain wrong, both theologically and scientifically. For
> documentation I refer you to Perspectives. I think the church needs to hear
> "the rest of the story."

Many of these discussions on science and the church persist in
the mistaken idea that "the evangelical church" is THE church. If
"evangelical" is being used in the sense of American Evangelicalism, as
seems to be the case here, this is simply wrong.
My point here isn't the various uses of the word "evangelical".
It is that those who are popularly called "Evangelicals" are only a part
of the catholic church. If "Evangelicals" imagine that they are the
whole church, and ignore the contributions of Orthodox, Roman, Lutheran,
Anglican, and other Christians, they end up with a very distorted view.
In particular, such a notion in science-theology matters greatly
overestimates the importance of ICR, ASA, Hugh Ross, &c. There are many
Christian individuals, organizations, and publications outside "the
evangelical church" dealing with science-theology issues.
George Murphy