Adrian Teo (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 22:23:06 -0800

Hello everyone!

I'm new to this list and will just take a few lines to introduce myself.
I am a graduating student (June, hopefully) in Child Development and
School Psychology at the University of Minnesota. I am from Singapore,
with my wife and two young toddlers, and one on the way. My interest is
in the development of a Christian world view, and am particularly
interested in the creation-evolution debate, having been involved in
discussions at I am against a literalistic interpretation
of the Bible, although I believe that the bible is true in all it

Jan de Koning, you wrote about a number of topics that you have brought
up in the past, such as logic, misinterpretation of the Bible and so
forth, but had received no responses. I would be most interested to hear
some of your views on these.

I am presently involved in a discussion with someone about the
presuppositions of science and that of religion. I hate to pit science
against religion because it is both meaningless, and because they are
NOT mutally exclusive. However, it is a common misperception that
science deals with reason and religion deals with faith (read "absence
of reason"). I think that both elements are present in both domains.
Anyway, I will let you all get on with your ongonig discussion, and
offer a thought or two every once in a while. You will tend to find that
I have more questions than answers. Way more!

God bless you all!

Adrian Teo
Institute of Child Development
University of Minnesota