Re: Competing for the Evangelical Mind

Rob Wahl (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 11:58:42 -0800

At 04:43 PM 3/30/97 GMT-5, Bill Frix wrote:
> If you cannot show a person how, through your
>science, to increase their faith in God and His Word then BE QUIET.

I am such a person. Incredibly so. I can't imagine how I could be a
Christian if the truth of Christainity stood upon Creation Science
arguments. I went into science because desiring to understand nature
expressed my faith in God. But Creation Science became a deep well of
doubt. As a high school student, and in my first year of college, I read
Morris and Guish and accepted it, then later found it didn't stand up to
scientific scrutiny. What was I to do then?

Should I toss the Bible because the world's not flat and square and the
sky's not a canopy (held up by pillars) under which circle the sun stars
and moon? If the Bible doesn't teach these things then it doesn't teach the
age of the earth either. These scholars helped me to understand that.
Donald McKay and Bernard Ramm (ASAers I think?) helped me to see that I
could still believe. I want to quote Ramm (The Christain View of Science
and Scripture, 1954 (!)) for you and then quit.

"Evolution is no more materialistic or atheistic than anything else in our
experience, for all experience is mental or spiritual. If evolution is true
it makes no difference to me....(!)p. 179

What a revelation words like this were to me! Freedom to believe! So folks,
please don't be quiet. We all need each other's help.

He's Risen Indeed!