Re: Electrical Engineering

Murphy (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 11:19:18 -0500

Bill Frix wrote:
> In fact, if Steve wishes to
> disprove Ohm's Law, I say, prove your theory in a laboratory and I
> will believe you.

It isn't really relevant to the issue at hand, but there are
plenty of examples of non-Ohmic conduction (e.g., superconductors)
- unless you want to make V = IR just a definition of R.

> I
> may not be a geologist, but the assumption that the decay rate of a
> radioisotope is a constant and has held constant since the foundation
> of the universe doesn't wash with experimental fact.

What experimental facts do you have in mind here?

> 4. I also reject the uniformitarian (pardon my spelling) theory of
> the origin of the universe based on vector calculus, a field I am
> well acquainted with since I have working with electromagnetic fields
> for over 20 years.

A good deal of my research has been in theoretical cosmology
(since we're tossing around qualifications freely on this thread), &
it's quite unclear to me what this is supposed to mean. Please
elaborate a bit on "the uniformitarian theory of the origin of the
universe based on vector calculus".
George Murphy