Review of Darwin's Black Box

Keith B Miller (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 22:08:05 -0600 (CST)

A review of Behe's new book "Darwin's Black Box" just appeared in the
journal "Trends in Ecology and Evolution," vol 12, no 4, p.162-163. It is
written by Cavalier-Smith who has published on the evolution of biochemical
systems and cellular structures. It is a very hard-hitting critique.
Below is a sentence from the review (I would encourage those interested to
obtain a copy of the full review).

"Behe, ignorant of much of the literature, claims that no scientist has
ever discussed the origin of vesicle targeting ( actually discussed in Ref.
3, not cited by Behe, though the most detailed one on the origin of
eukaryotic biochemical properties) or protein translocation (see Refs 6 and
7, the most detailed discussion of the origin of the most basic complex
cellular biochemical properties, which he deceitfully ignored despite
citing the volume containing it as 'evidence' that no paper has ever been
published on the subject!)."

This review is very relevant to earlier discussions of Behe's work on this


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