Other faiths (4) Conclusion

Geoff Bagley (gbagley@innotts.co.uk)
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 22:50:14 GMT

There has been some discussion recently as to whether people of other
faiths would come to the same conclusion regarding the history of the earth
as do YEC's do.

Thanks to my local library, I have been able to do some research on various
faiths which I will post in 4 parts (taking note of requests for smaller
mailings) finishing with a conclusion. I am not in a position to say
whether the references I quote from are authoritative and orthodox within
the religion concerned.

Of the three 'faiths' mentioned only the Jewish writer indicates a
willingness to accept scientific findings irrespective of their
implications for interpretation of revelation. Within the spirit of what he
said, it is presumably possible though for other Jewish thinkers to come to
a different conclusion

The Islamic writers and those writing from a Vedantic view seem to take
from science what supports their revelation and modify the science if
necessary to fit the revelation. The latter are also happy to take from
other religious ideas i.e process theology that might support their views.

Obviously, this could be applied to all perspectives, including those who
don't recognse a religious or spiritual dimension to life. It is easy to
take just what supports 'our' view and ignore what is not convenient.

Again it all comes back to epistemology and objective and subjective data,

Geoff Bagley