Other faiths (2) Islam

Geoff Bagley (gbagley@innotts.co.uk)
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 22:49:53 GMT

There has been some discussion recently as to whether people of other
faiths would come to the same conclusion regarding the history of the earth
as do YEC's do.

Thanks to my local library, I have been able to do some research on various
faiths which I will post in 4 parts (taking note of requests for smaller
mailings) finishing with a conclusion. I am not in a position to say
whether the references I quote from are authoritative and orthodox within
the religion concerned.

2) Islam

'The Bible The Qur'an and Science' Dr Maurice Bucaille (pub: Seghers,
Paris date c.1980's)

According to the back cover Maurice Bucaille (a physician)learnt Arabic and
studied the Qur'an and was surprised to find statements in the Qur'an on
natural phenomena whose meaning can only be understood througgh modern
scientific knowledge.

I've only skimmed through and much is Arabic

He gives 5 points on which the Qur'an gives information about the creation,
which can also be related to science. The connection often to me seems

1) The creation of the heavens & earth took six periods. The earth took
four of these which could be compared to the 'four geological periods
described by modern science, with man's appearance, as we already know,
taking place in the quartenary period. He stress this is purely hypothesis
i.e the comparison of Qur'an and Geological history.

2) Science showed the interlocking of the two stages in the formation of a
star (like the sun) and its satellite (like the earth). This
interconnection is surely very evident in the Qur'an.

3) The existence at an early stage of the universe of the 'smoke' referred
to in the Qur'an is comparable to the concept of a primary nebula.

4) The plurality of heavens (7 in the Qur'an) is confirmed by modern
science [He is referring to the large number of galaxies). The Qur'an also
talks of plural worlds and science is likely to demostrate this.

5) The existence of intermediate creation between the 'heavens' and the
'earth' expressed in the Qur'an may be compared to the discovery of those
bridges of material outside organized astronomic systems. [presumably dust]

He says:' The existence of such an enormous difference between the Biblical
description and the data in the Qur'an concerning the Creation is worth
underling once again on account of the - totally gratuitous - accusations
levelled against Muhammad since the beginnings of Islam to the effect that
he copied the Biblical descriptions...........[what follows is in italics]
How could a man living fourteen hundred years ago have made corrections to
the existing description to such an extent that he eliminated
scientifically inaccurate material and, on his own iniative, made
statements that science has only in the present day been able to verify?
The hypothesis is completely untenable. the description of the Creation
given in the Qur'an is quite different from the one in the Bible."

There is another section where the Qur'an is said to have accurate
descriptions of the process of human reproduction and development of the
foetus, including an accurate description of implantation.

He believes that there are vast differnces between the Bible and the Qur'an
and the findings of modern science support the supernatural origin of the
Qur'an. 'In view of the state of knowledge in Muhammad's day, it is
inconceivable that many statements in the Qur'an which are connected with
science could have been the work of a man.'

Obviously the book is polemical but a a TV programme bassed upon it has
made by Oman TV and is available in the UK. I've tried watching it but it
was not very stimulating.

2) School text book

I also have a copy of two pages from a school text book on Islam intended
for the UK state education system (and should not therefore be
prosletysing) for 14 -16 year old. Unfortunately, I forgot to take dow
author and title.

It says: 'In fact, although no scientist knows the real truths of the
universe today to this day, the Qur'an gives some revelations that are
quite consistent with the theories of the big bang and the expanding

The statement in the Qur'an: 'And We made from water every living thing.
Will they not then believe' (Surah 21:30) is taken as agreeing with the
idea of primeval life beginning in the sea.

'Botanists, zoologists, physicists can all find modern truths in the
Qur'an..........In fact, modern Muslim scientists claim they were really
addressed to today's Muslims!'

Geoff Bagley