RE: br' (was: re LC)

Jim Taggert (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 15:58:50 -0500

I hope you haven't barated more confusion than you have cleared up
> It might be useful to follow the Hebrew precedent & have a word
>which expresses the divine prerogative of "creation". We could simply
>take over the Hebrew verb br' & form appropriate derivatives of it: "In
>the beginning God barad the heavens and the earth" or "the doctrine of
>baration". Only God can bara.
> br' is NOT synonomous with "creation out of nothing" in the
>usual sense, as one sees from its use in, e.g., Is.43:1. Thus
>"baration" is not identical with Van Till's "exnihilation", though there
>is some overlap.
> I realize that it is difficult to replace established
>terminology even when it is ambiguous & potentially confusing. (How
>many physicists remember that officially we're supposed to talk about
>negatons & positons instead of electrons & positrons?) But in serious
>science-theology discussions, new terminology of the type I suggest
>could be helpful.
> George Murphy