Moody Videos
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 08:55:08 -0500 (EST)

Subj: Moody Videos
Date: 97-03-26 16:53:17 EST
From: Bertsche

I am a member of ASA since 1949 as a student at Purdue,
during the days of Hendrick Oorthuys.
I haven't seen mention of the two new Moody videos "Journeys
to the Edge of Creation." They are: I) our solar system, and II) the
milky way and beyond, each 40 minutes long.
They are great for showing the power and wonder of God,
and the 6 billion light year extent of the universe. Great NASA
pictures of stars being born, etc. Good for church.
Should not offend a YEC, yet my YEC friend did not care
for part 2 about the milky way and beyond.
They are advertised on page 52 of the March/April Moody
Monthly for $24.95 for the set of 2.
It seems the ASA could cooperate more with Moody Science
to turn out good scientific material like this. Perhaps some of you
did cooperate on this project. I think it is well done.

A retired engineer,
George Bertsche