John W. Burgeson (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 18:13:26 -0500

An e-mail correspondent writes:

>>Many ICR people distinguish between Biblical creationism - the attempt
to understand origins et al using both scientific *and* Biblical
resources - and scientific creationism - the attempt to understand
origins et al using only scientific resources. The terms are thus not
intended as synonymous, and the Biblical is not so much contrasted with
'unbiblical' as with 'not appealing to Biblical resources'.>>

That's a good point, I probably should have made it along the way to
opening this issue.

"BC" and "SC" are both terms Morris has used.

I really grieve when I see fellow Christians hurling spears at one another
-- particularly in "public" And labels are a big part of that process.

If you call me an "Xist," where "X" is a label I don't accept, for whatever
reason, then I perceive us as being "at war." If I call myself a "Yist,"
where "Y" is a label you cannot accept, for whatever reason, you see me as
arrogant. But if you and I, with opposing positions, no matter how serious,
want to discuss our issues in good faith, it seems to me we ought to begin
by creating labels for each of us that both of us can accept.

Henry's article in Acts & Facts appears to offer a chance to do just that.