Paul Arveson (
Wed, 26 Mar 97 09:27:23 EST

Dear friends of ASA:

As a long time veteran of this list, I know that it has generally been kept on a
high level of civility and mutual respect. I hope it stays that way. This has
been the case so far without any need for rules, and the list does not require
any special professional or academic qualifications.

However, as a result of recent complaints, I will reiterate some recommendations
for listserv civility, which include avoidance of:

1. Ad hominem attacks and name-calling
2. Labeling of individuals instead of ideas or schools
3. Telling people what they should believe
4. Use of inappropriate words like 'crap'
5. Claiming scientific evidence without citing literature
6. Excessive generalities
7. Lengthy posts (over a page or so) - email memory space is often limited
8. Diatribes, flames and other uninformative posts of any length

The moderator is authorized to limit posts, although this has not been

I think that civility is as good a witness of John 13:35 as anything we say we

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