Re: Review of a Review Pt. 1

Dick Fischer (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 23:28:49 -0600

Allen Roy wrote:

>Prior to the recent closure of the SciChr listserver there was discussion
>on a chapter on radiometric dating in John Woodmorappe's book 'Studies in
>Flood Geology'. S. Schimmerich had reviewd Woodmorappe's article, which
>I forwarded to Woodmorappe. When SciChr came back on line, I was no
>longer eligible for membership because my lack of a post-grad degree meant
>that I was unable to understand real scientific discussion.

I certainly wouldn't think it was your lack of a post-grad degree that makes
you unable to understand real scientific discussion. There is probably some
other reason like not reading any books on geology, biology, astronomy, etc.
Or maybe there are no libraries where you live ...

>So, I am unble to post Woodmorapps response. Therefore, I am posting to this
>forum the continuing discussion, because I know many on SciChr are also part of

And you thought, what the hey, let's go fishing for nincompoops. I'll just
drop some YECy doo doo on these guys, they may even think it's science! How
considerate. In three parts, even. Just like gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
All I can say is, Allen, you shouldn't have.

Dick Fischer