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My name is Brad Minch. I am a 6th year graduate student in the computation
and neural systems program at Caltech. Currenly, I am attempting to graduate
and get a job... I have been reading this list pretty much since its
inception, but have only posted once or twice. I am a "lurker."

Burgy wrote:
> In ththe issue I observe that Henry Morris prefers the term "literal
> creationism" to "young earth creationism." I don't see any reason why "LC"
> is not an acceptable substitute for "YEC," particularly as it does
> establish a definitional point where we can agree on something.

There is a reason why the term "literal creationism" should not be applied
as a substitute for "young-earth creationism." Many old-earth creationists
who hold to a day-age type of interpretation (such as Hugh Ross) make the
point that the Hebrew word _yom_ has as the LITERAL meaning of a definite,
extended time period, like an age or an epoch, as well as a literal 24-hour
period of time, or a literal period of time between sunrise and sundown.
Consequently, a person who holds an old-earth interpretation can indeed see
the text in LITERAL terms. Hugh Ross has made this point again and again.
He prefers to refer to the YEC reading of the text as "concrete" instead of

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