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James Mahaffy (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 10:55:51 -0600 (CST)


Forgive me if someone has already said this. I barely have enough time
to glance at the headers of messages on this forum and read a few. But I
was struck by Bill's comment below.

> I have to respond to this statement by John Burgeson and others:
> > In many other discussions I find a curious reluctance among YECers
> > to continue into substantive issues. It seems to be a "God did it"
> > mind set at work!
> I am a YECer. I am a scientist. I am a YECer BECAUSE I am a
> scientist. I am actually getting tired of listening to and writing
> to this listserv because I am tired of hearing YEC bashing. I have
> attempted to listen to both sides of the arguments and compared them
> to what I know from scientific work and my readings. In truth, the
> scientific philosophy of the YEC proponents make as much sense and
> have as many problems as the philosophy all of you are drumming from
> your pulpits.

I am not a YEC but then I am not a theistic evolutionists either. I do
appreciate the battle that some of them are trying to fight against what
I consider a secular philosophy and am saddened that one of the major
forums for reputable evangelical scientists is one where they feel they
will be attacked.

Can't we disagree is a way that does not make them feel that if they
post they will automatically be bashed. Maybe we need to reform the way
we disagree. In some ways I think Del Ratzch at Calvin manages to be
able to listen to both sides.

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