Competing for the Evangelical Mind

Robert L. Miller (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 06:06:46 GMT

I have seen some hand wringing recently over the influence of ICR, P.Johson
and others on Evangelicals. There has been some implicit and explicit
wonderings about what ASA should do. I have some suggestions.

1. Compete from our strength. ASA is by orientation and practice academic so
we should not try to get into a public relations dual with ICR. Stick with
the things we are good at.

2. Aim for the college undergrad and grad students. Win them and you win the

3. Expand the content of Perspectives, or launch another publication.Maybe
combine Perspectives and the Newsletter. Increase the general interest
content. Add a news section, a q & a section, more general nonreferred
articles, things that will appeal to a more general educated audience
.Develop a sense of humor. I have a PhD engineering friend who says
Perspectives is more difficult to read than his professional journals.

4. Develop closer ties to organizations of like mind, like IV, and seek some
common ground where work can be done together profitably.

5. Implemant the command of our Lord to proclaim the gospel.

Bob Miller