Re: Electrical Engineering

Dick Fischer (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 18:38:42 -0600

Bill Frix wrote:

>Excuse, me, Ruth, but where did you go to school? I received much
>training in the scientific method, experimentation, and logical
>analysis in my Bachelor's and Master's degrees (from Auburn
>University) and in my PhD at Arizona State University (one of my
>specialities is electromagnetics). My 100+ page thesis and 300+
>page dissertation include pages of tedious, meticulous experiments
>in support of my theories. Having had 10+ years of experience as
>a research engineer, and having worked with research physicists
>throughout most of those years, I can say that my training in
>experimental methods and scientific analysis are as good as any
>physicist. I, unabashedly, consider myself and my colleagues as

Since you contend you believe in the young earth hypothesis based upon
scientific methods, could you name any scientists who are also persuaded
that the earth is only a few thousand years old but are not influenced
by Judeo-Christian tradition? If YEC can be deduced by careful analysis
of data and evidence, and is not a direct result of religious dogma, than
we should expect non-Christian, non-Jewish scientists to be similarly
persuaded. Who are they?

Dick Fischer