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Bill Frix (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 11:26:03 GMT-5

Responding to Ruth Miller's post of Mon, 24 Mar 1997 11:01:31

> While there is a sense in which engineers explore new territory,
> we are not given any kind of training in scientific method,
> experimentation, etc., and we really hadn't ought to consider
> ourselves "scientists" at all. Granted there are a couple EEs in
> my department who are closer to science (physics, mostly) than most
> of us, but most engineers are _applying_ science. That is, we
> don't fish up new data, we use it to build bridges and cars and
> microprocessors...

Excuse, me, Ruth, but where did you go to school? I received much
training in the scientific method, experimentation, and logical
analysis in my Bachelor's and Master's degrees (from Auburn
University) and in my PhD at Arizona State University (one of my
specialities is electromagnetics). My 100+ page thesis and 300+
page dissertation include pages of tedious, meticulous experiments
in support of my theories. Having had 10+ years of experience as
a research engineer, and having worked with research physicists
throughout most of those years, I can say that my training in
experimental methods and scientific analysis are as good as any
physicist. I, unabashedly, consider myself and my colleagues as
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