Re: origin of philosophy and science?

Jan de Koning (
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 17:03:22 -0500

A debate as proposed between Lutherans and Calvinists is necessary,
because our Lord wants the unity of believers. However, such a debate will
be fruitless if we do not examine our basis, which indeed means rehashing
some of the 16th century debates. Include the RC as well. We sshould not
underestimate such a debate, because many of our ancestors and most of us
have not even started to examine our presuppositions. A debate will only
have a good result if we do so.

My question would be, to start off with, how come that many YEC and
critics of macro-evolution, who call themselves scientists (in the American
sense), are medical or technical people? Geologists and Biologists have
much more trouble with it.

Then one of the first questions would have to be: What is Truth? Listen
to hermeneutical people, to linguists in Hebrew and Greek, to people
knowing old religions and pre-christian philosophy both Greek and Hebrew.
Learn about scientific methods to date, etc. Many of us will not have the
time of life to make a start. So, do not expect miracles. Necessary is an
open ear, without immediate condemnation. Often participaants in this kind
of debaates are not willing to reply to arguments of the other side. If
both sides do that we get a war, where the loudest shouting gains victory.
It is not necessary the Truth though.

Do we start? I am a calvinist, and believe that macro-evolution is
possible. One of my arguments would be, that Gen.1 - 11 cannot be taken as
science, but is a preaching to the people of Israel, to state, that the
Gods of non-believers are not gods. Obviously, that cannot be stated in
modern, scientific language. Well, you have heard these arguments more
than once.

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.