Re: origin of philosophy and science?

Murphy (
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 08:03:38 -0500

John P. McKiness wrote:

> I have noticed over the years that there is a fundamental difference between
> the Calvinist and the Lutheran views of reason. I believe that our
> differences should also color differently our views on faith/science issues.

1) It's often been said (especially by Lutherans) that there is
such a fundamental difference. IMO this often expresses itself not so
much as one over the _role_ of reason as over the postulates with which
reaon may operate - e.g., the question of whether "the finite is/is not
capable of the infinite."
2) There are differences in Lutheran & Reformed approaches to
science-theology issues, differences which can be traced to old
theological differences on sacraments & christology. These have
implications for ways in which we understand God's relationship with the
3) Having said that, IMO it's essential to get beyond rehashing
of 16th century debates in new formats. E.g., I find the views of
natural theology of Barth & Torrance considerably more congenial than
those of many of my fellow Lutherans. (& I realize that not all
Reformed Christians are happy with their views.)
4) Finally, such a discussion of differences should eventually
include also distinctively Roman & Orthodox approaches to
science-theology issues.
George Murphy