Talking to YECs

Rob (
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 16:32:42 -0800

Thanks for your responses to my inquiry about the speed of light, it was
most helpfull and all I needed.

As mentioned I'm enjoying a good one with a fella in his last year of
engineering. (The suitor of my friend's daughter). His starting arguments
were all the traditional YEC sayings I learned as a teen, but, but once I
challenged them the discussion became more detailed. I had to go do some
reading on marine molusk dating, for example. Turns our marine organisms do
give false, old readings because they partly reflect the appearent age of
the water they're in. A living specimin really could be carbon dated to
2000 years b.p.. (An extreme result, albeit.) Anyway, some YECs like this
student don't shy away from substance, so as we all know, the
generalization is just that, a generalization.