Talking to YECers

John W. Burgeson (
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 15:58:46 -0500

Michael wrote, in part: "I also interacted with the (YEC) speaker
afterwards. In passing he said something about how God wants us to avoid
philosophy to which I responded that God created philosophy and science and
that it is good. He thought about that one for a while. I can only hope
it puts him on another path.

Other exchanges happened but I will spare you. Any insight...?"

FWIW, Michael, I've had the same type of experience. At one time I was
advised (by Kofahl, I believe) to break off my discussions with one
unbelieving person on the subject. I think he was afraid I'd be sucked in
by the philosophy! In many other discussions I find a curious reluctance
among YECers to continue into substantive issues. It seems to be a "God
diddit" mind set at work!

My God, as you say, "invented" philosophy; I find it fascinating, even
though I am not very good at it. I wonder what biblical basis the speaker
had for us to avoid it?

Thanks for the comments.