the speed of light
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 12:39:44 EST5EDT


You wrote:

>Has anyone had a close look at claims that the speed of light is declining
>thus compacting geological history into the traditional 6000 year time

I am familiar with this claim as it was first proposed by Barry Setterfield.
In brief, it is pseudo-science supported by a misrepresentation of historical
data. It is so bad that even the ICR crew does not wish to be associated with
it. Imagine that!

Why is it that so many Christians are willing, even eager, to employ
incompetent and dishonest pseudo-science to support beliefs first derived
from an equally incompetent reading of the Scriptures? It's no wonder that
scientifically informed unbelievers are discouraged from giving the real
Gospel a fair hearing. When are we Christians going to learn to stop making
stupid and false claims in the name of Christ? This ongoing tragedy has got
to stop.

Howard Van Till
Professor of Physics
Calvin College