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Donald F. Calbreath (dcalbreath@whitworth.edu)
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 19:22:04 -0800

I heard a local presentation on this topic last year. The data presented
(when looked at carefully) showed a decrease of 1% or less in the reports of
the measrued speed of light from the first experiments up to the present
(probably reflecting nothing more than improved

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>From: "Donald F. Calbreath" <dcalbreath@whitworth.edu>
>Subject: Re: the speed of light
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>>Has anyone had a close look at claims that the speed of light is declining
>>thus compacting geological history into the traditional 6000 year time frame?
>>I found this at the following URL http://www.best.com/~dolphin//constc.shtml
>>This stuff might be outside of my area of expertise, or it might be sort of
>>like flat earth agruments. I'm in a discussion with someone who discounts
>>the astromical evidence of light speed and distance because the geometry of
>>the universe is not euclidean. He's going to bring up the incredible
>>plumetting speed of light theory I just know it. Appreciate all your
>>discussions, I mostly just read the postings.
>>Rob Wahl