Phil Johnson

Behnke, James (
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 12:10:29 -0500

It would be nice if Phil would participate in our reflector discussions,
but he withdrew from the evolution reflector back a while ago. Back
when he was still on it, I tried engaging him in careful discussion
about where methodological naturalism in science might or might not be
appropriate. My feeling is that it is appropriate in at least some
areas of science. It became clear that he was not interested in such a
discussion. His views against those at Christian colleges who didn't
support his views on evolution and naturalism in science seemed to be
getting harder, so I asked him privately about his earlier statement
defining methodological naturalism(from the earlier Texas symposium)
that seemed so different from his current position. His response became
a footnote near the end of RITB (I can't give a reference; I must have
loaned my copy to someone. I will have to send out a search party for
it.). Shortly after that exchange, Johnson and many others left the
group when Terry took over management.

I wish they would re-join.

Jim Behnke, Asbury College, Wilmore, KY 40390