Re: Sun Did Stand Still

Glenn Morton (
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 14:51:46 -0600

At 04:27 PM 3/16/97 GMT, wrote:
>Glenn wrote:
>> In other words, if God did this miraculously, we should not try to prove
>>it via eclipses and historical records. Doing so brings it back into the
>>scrutiny of science.
>I suspect that Glenn didn't mean to do so and that I have got it entirely
>wrong, but this gives me the impression that miracles can only be examined
>through faith.
I didn't mean that at all. What I have noticed is a tendency on the part of
us christians to use science when it suites us and if it doesn't, then we
say it was miraculous and science is irrelevant. I was editorializing here
and indirectly responding to an exchange between Garry DeWeese and Dr. Frix

Dr. Frix wrote on Wed, 12 Mar 1997 18:25:13 GMT-5:
>To reply to Garry DeWeese's post:
>.> I have found this most amusing. Sagan seems to grant that God *could*
>> have slowed down the earth gradually enough so things didn't fly off into
>> space, but darned if he could do anything about the increased temperature!
>I find this most interesting (but not amusing) that some people seem
>to think God is limited in His abilities.

Miracles can be verified if there is proper documentation. But if we allow
that God did it miraculously, (slowed thee earth down so that things didn't
fly off of it, stopped the moon in its tracks in such a way that it didn't
break apart) then it seems hopeless to try to use scientific observational
evidence on the problem. If one says that scientific records (eclipse
records) prove that there is a missing day, then it is reasonable to allow
people to critique the event on other grounds. It seems unfair to say that
science supports the hypothesis of a missing day but then retreat to miracle
to avoid the problems of inertia and heat. Doing this makes science a
one-way street in support of our preferred interpretation. Under such
rules, I can believe anything I want and when someone says that science
contradicts me, i can simply skip away from the problem with an ever so
merry. "It was a miracle"

I do not want this to sound like I don't beleive in miracles, I do. but I
find it unacceptable what we Christians do with "miracle'. It is a device to
solve all our scientific problems.


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