Re: Sun Did Stand Still

Geoff Bagley (
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 16:27:37 GMT

Glenn wrote:
> In other words, if God did this miraculously, we should not try to prove
>it via eclipses and historical records. Doing so brings it back into the
>scrutiny of science.

I suspect that Glenn didn't mean to do so and that I have got it entirely
wrong, but this gives me the impression that miracles can only be examined
through faith.

This may have been discussed many times before but surely, God's miraculous
intervention can be recorded historically and also investigated
scientifically upto a point.In Exodus 14, the Yam Suph was parted by a
strong east wind caused by God. Surely, any meteorologist at the time could
have made an historical record of this and even given a scientific cause,
even if he/she would have not been able to have given the ultimate cause,
unless they were an Israelite.

Many of us can accept a scientific attempt at explaining the origin of the
universe, but would then have to say there was still another cause.

Also don't we sometimes use science to explain away miracles that are not
convenient to us. The image of the Madonna in glass windows is a miracle
to many devout people and does not need explanation.But to other equally
devout people it can be scientifically explained away.

Obviously, this does not mean that miracles should only be accepted because
they have some scientific or other evidence to back them up, particularly
if it helps establish the reality of the miracle itself. Colin Humphreys in
'Science and Christian Belief' (vol5 No2, p.83, 1993) makes a good case to
my mind for demostrating the actuallity and the historicity of the Star of
Bethlehem. Doing so doesn't detract in any way from God's wondrous
orderings of the heavens.

Demonstrating that miracles took place may be helpful to some people,
but it won't convince all. Many people use arguments about miracles as a
smokescreeen. I have met several people who don't want to believe and don't
want to be challenged to believe and would put up any excuse to prevent
themselves from examining the claims of Jesus Christ to be God's Messiah.
Demostrate the reality of a miracle and then they will find some other

Conviction about religious belief and its associated historical basis is
not by rational means alone, but they can help.

Geoff Bagley