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Gladwin Joseph (
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 10:10:17 -0800

Amen. I cannot but agree with George Murphy. IMO To link one's salvation
with a particular reading of Genesis is usurping God's authority.
I think in some ways for sometime
their extreme position may have provided a balance to the extreme
atheistic evolutionism proponents, but other than that they
have IMHO caused much dissension and fair amount of harm
within the community of believers, and not to speak of all the
barriers to communicating the Gospel in Academia and society at large.

When our purpose is accomplished we just need to humbly step aside
and let others carry on.



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Subject: Re: CRI
Author: Murphy <> at Internet_Gateway
Date: 3/15/97 12:44 PM

Dave Netzly wrote:

> The CRI is not doing any harm to the Christian community.

If you tell people, "You cannot be a Christian unless you accept
one specific inadequate way of reading the Bible which leads to manifest
conlfict with what we know about the real world", you are doing terrible
harm to the Christian community & providing a quite unnecessary scandal
(because it is not the scandal of the cross). If you imply to young
people that believing in an old earth is equivalent to atheism, then as
soon as they learn from real science that the earth is old, they're
likely to take you at your word & decide that they are atheists.
George Murphy